Welcome to today's article – Profiteer Review – Product Review Of Profiteer & Bonus.

After my last review was very well received, today I am bringing another one to you called Profiteer.

This is a new online course brought to you by Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari.

So what is Profiteer all about?

Profiteer Review & Bonuses


This is the explainer on the Profiteer sales page:

Remember the Gold Rush? The most successful people weren’t digging for gold, they were selling SHOVELS to the gold diggers!

These PROFITEERS made HUGE money charging high prices for something others desperately needed.

Enter Fast Profit Engines …

Inside Profiteer we are going to show your customers how to make these Fast Profit Engines that people desperately need and flip them quickly for high profits, we are also bundling up a software to automate the whole process…

I got access to this course yesterday and eagerly went through the training videos and started using the software included in the course.

The course is based on building and flipping websites quickly.

What are the benefits to Profiteer?

  • The step-by-step video series shows you how with a TINY amount of time and effort invested you can start creating and flipping websites very quickly.
  • Create a full website using the software with high-quality content with just a few clicks.
  • Once the website is built the course then shows you how to sell this.
  • Low cost to get started with this method.

Profiteer – What Do You Get Included?

  1. Software (Plugin)
  2. Step-by-step video training series.
  3. 16 videos in total.
  4. A case study showing several sales of sites that have been sold using the software.
  5. A checklist showing the process from start to finish.

The Profiteer members area.

Profiteer Review & Bonuses

The member's area is well laid out and simple to follow along with.

Also included in the Profiteer members area is Jason's community and coaching group on facebook and also Mosh Baris Product Beta testing group.

Profiteer OTO Offers & Downsells.

OTO 1 – Done For You Profiteer Campaigns ($37) Downsell to $17

Profiteer is a comprehensive method and everything is shown in the front end product.

Here we give our students an opportunity to have the Profiteer method done for them by using our DFY campaigns.

OTO 2 – Advanced Profiteer Tactics ($47) Downsell to $27

While our students get everything they need to succeed in the main course.

This upgrade is extra training that will show them ADVANCED tactics to scale their Profiteer income and get results faster

OTO 3 – Set This Up On Autopilot ($67) Downsell to $37

We are going to show you how to set up Profiteer to run 100% AUTOMATED by outsourcing EVERYTHING!

This opens the floodgates to those commissions flying in every single month while you can focus on other money making parts of your biz.

OTO 4 – License rights ($97) Downsell to $47
Here our students can sell Profiteer as their own product and keep 100% of the entire funnel's revenue.

Do You Need Profiteer Upgrades For This To Work?

Like most courses online you don't need to pick up all or any of the OTOs to get started.

I will be picking up OTO 2 and 4.

These will both same me time and when I start to promote this at a later date I can look forward to 100% commission on the entire funnel.

What is missing from Profiteer?

This course is excellent in that not only does it show you and give you the software to build a complete website from scratch and then how and where to sell it.

However, It misses a key ingredient for selling the sites you have built.


That is why I have put together an incredible pack of bonuses for you to really maximize this product.


Profiteer Bonus 1 – 

Profiteer Review & Bonuses

Bonus 2 – 

Bonus 3 – 

Bonus 4 – 

Profiteer Review & Bonuses, today we take a closer look at Profiteer by Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari.

Profiteer Bonus 5 – 

Profiteer Review & Bonuses, today we take a closer look at Profiteer by Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari.

With this HUGE collection of bonuses to use along with Profiteer you will be well on your way to earning some extra money online in no time.

Overall verdict of Profiteer?

This is another great way to start earning online.

The videos are very clear and easy to follow along with.

The plugin is simple to use.

Creating your new website which you will then flip is done very fast.

Another great product at a very low price.

Profiteer launches 22nd July at 9am EST.

Grab it here with all the bonuses.

Finally, remember to join my member's area where you will get FREE access to plenty of resources to help you start earning online.

I hope you found this review on Profiteer useful and as always if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Take Care & Keep Smiling


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