Hey there! Welcome back to part three of our series on the best passive incomes in the UK. In this video, we're going to dive into the exciting world of YouTube and how it can be a great platform to generate passive income. You'll learn how to create videos and thumbnails using free software, while also getting insights into the creator's earnings and how affiliate marketing can boost your income on YouTube. This channel offers courses and popular blog articles on making money online, but it's important to note that it's for informational and entertainment purposes only and not intended as financial advice. So, let's explore the potential of YouTube as a passive income source and discover how you can start earning money without being on camera or spending a fortune. You'll also get access to valuable tools and resources, and the creator even offers a free course on YouTube. Exciting stuff, right? So, let's jump into the video and unlock the secrets of passive income on YouTube!

Best Passive Income UK: Is This The BEST Passive Income? Part 3

Part 3: Best Passive Income UK: Is This The BEST Passive Income?


Welcome back to the third part of our series on the best passive incomes in the UK. In today's video, we will be exploring YouTube as a passive income source. Many people overlook the potential that YouTube has for generating passive income online. But fear not, in this article, we will dive into the possibilities, discuss the tools and resources available, and even share some real-life earnings and results. You don't need to be on camera or spend a lot of money to make money on YouTube. So let's get started and discover how YouTube can become your best passive income in the UK.

YouTube as a Passive Income Source

Understanding YouTube's Potential

YouTube is an incredible platform that offers numerous opportunities for generating passive income. With billions of monthly active users, YouTube provides a massive audience for your content. Whether you're sharing tutorials, reviews, or entertaining videos, there's a niche for everyone on YouTube. With consistent effort and high-quality content, you can build a loyal subscriber base that will continue to generate revenue for you, even when you're not actively creating content.

Creating Videos and Thumbnails for Free

Believe it or not, you don't need expensive equipment or a production team to create engaging YouTube videos. There are plenty of free software options available that allow you to edit and enhance your videos. Tools like Nvidia and Canva can help you create professional-looking thumbnails that attract more viewers and increase your video's click-through rate. We will dive deeper into these tools and resources later in the article.

Earnings and Results from a YouTube Channel

Now, let's get to the exciting part – earnings and results! We will share some real-life numbers from our own YouTube channel to showcase the potential income you can generate. Keep in mind that results will vary depending on your niche, content quality, and audience engagement. However, it's worth noting that even smaller channels can generate a decent passive income. We will discuss subscriber growth, views, and income earned from advertising and affiliate marketing.

Monetizing YouTube through Ads

One of the primary ways to earn money on YouTube is through the YouTube Partner Program, which allows you to monetize your videos through ads. We will explain how ads work, how you can set up your channel to start earning ad revenue, and strategies to maximize your earnings. It's important to understand the rules and guidelines set by YouTube to ensure a smooth monetization process.

Increasing Income with Affiliate Marketing

While ads provide a reliable source of income, combining YouTube with affiliate marketing can further boost your earnings. We will explore the various affiliate marketing opportunities that exist within the YouTube platform. By partnering with brands and promoting products or services relevant to your content, you can earn additional commissions on top of your YouTube ad revenue. We will share examples of successful affiliate marketing campaigns and provide tips on how to effectively incorporate affiliate links into your videos.

Tools and Resources for YouTube Creators

To succeed on YouTube, it's crucial to have the right tools and resources at your disposal. We will introduce you to various software options for video editing, thumbnail creation, keyword research, and analytics. These tools will help you optimize your content, track your progress, and make data-driven decisions to grow your channel. We will also discuss the importance of SEO (search engine optimization) and how to optimize your videos for better discoverability.

Free Course on YouTube

As a bonus, we offer a free course on YouTube that provides step-by-step guidance on starting and growing a successful YouTube channel. This course covers everything from content creation to monetization strategies and audience engagement techniques. We encourage you to take advantage of this resource to enhance your knowledge and skills as a YouTube creator.


In conclusion, YouTube offers an incredible opportunity to generate passive income in the UK. With the right approach, high-quality content, and strategic monetization methods like ads and affiliate marketing, you can create a sustainable income stream. Remember, YouTube is not just about uploading videos; it's about building a community, engaging with your audience, and consistently delivering value. We hope this article has shed some light on the potential of YouTube as your best passive income source in the UK. Good luck on your YouTube journey!

Best Passive Income UK: Is This The BEST Passive Income? Part 3