What Is The NTAS University?


The NTAS university is the last course you will ever have to buy for learning about earning online (Seriously!) At the time of writing this article, the university has been in the works for a little under 4 months. 


It has been created with a group of beta testers who have provided thoughts, feedback and suggestions. The end result is something very special and I know it will help people to finally start earning online. 



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Main Features Of The NTAS University?


The university provides an incredible amount of training which includes the following.


  • Over-the-shoulder style videos
  • Print outs
  • PDF's 
  • Checklists
  • eBooks and lots more.


Along with all the training content, you will also get access to the community, this is a place where you can speak with people on a similar journey to yourself and also those of us who are earning online today. 


One of the many reasons why people fail to earn online is because they don't know the proper steps to take,  also they are trying to work everything out on their own.


Plus they don't have anyone else they can speak to or get advice from.  


This is where the university stands head and shoulders above all other courses/training programmes online. 


Not only will you get full training on many methods for earning online but you will also be surrounded by people with similar goals and desires. 


And all of the training is backed by results.


Inside The NTAS University.


You will find many methods for making money online.  Below is an image from the member's area.


NTAS The University Members Area


Once you go into a section it breaks everything down for you in simple follow-along training. We start right at the beginning and move through each method with examples, live training and additional resources. 


The training is very comprehensive and all the modules inside the university are broken down into individual sections making it easier to follow along with. 


NTAS The University Inside The Members Area

Benefits Of The NTAS University.


The main benefit of the university is that you can learn at your own pace and you will be taught by people who are actually earning online. 


The NTAS University exposes students to new and time-proven methods for earning online while encouraging creative and independent thought. 


Whether you are looking to start a simple side hustle or actually take things to the next level and build an online business the university will give you the tools and community to make this happen.


Who Is the NTAS University for?


Anyone looking to make a change to their financial situation. The university is for those who want to finally decide their life/work/family balance. 


It is for those who have too much month left at the end of their salary. 


For those who want to finally have choices. Those who see opportunity.


Ultimately it is for anyone who wants to build an online business and be surrounded by those on a similar journey. 


Regardless of your background, experience or how much money you have, the university just evened the playing field for everyone.




Currently, the price is set at $297 for the launch week (30th September – 7th October.) After this, it will increase to $397.


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FAQ About The NTAS University?


Can you really make money from home and online?

Absolutely! Earning online is 100% possible and this training will provide you with everything needed. 

How long does it take to start earning online? 

This will depend on a number of factors and how much effort you are willing to put in, realistically you could start earning within the next week depending on the module you start with. 

Do you need any knowledge or previous experience to start? 

Nope, nothing is required other than a willingness to learn and then take action, You will be given all the tools and resources for earning online regardless of which method you are going to start with.