Get Domains Product Review


What Is Get Domains?

Get Domains is a training course by Bobby and includes 12 over the shoulder videos showing you exactly how to buy and sell domains for some decent profits.


The course includes…

  • Where to buy cheap domains
  • How to buy them. 
  • Exactly where to find top quality domains.
  • How to buy domains for a few dollars and sell them for $100+ time and time again.


Get Domains is a proven cash on-demand system based on ACTUAL RESULTS.




Key Points Of Get Domains?

  • EASY – no previous experience or tech skills needed.
  • UNLIMITED market – do this part-time, full time or any time you want some cash on demand.
  • PAINT-BY-NUMBERS – a method that ACTUALLY works in the real world
  • NO MORE overhead costs – includes all the free tools you need.


Anyone can do this without any experience, no autoresponder, website or email list needed.

Get Domains Bonuses.


As this course teaches you about making money online I have put together several bonuses which will show you other methods to earn money online. 


Bonus 1 – Fiverrlicious. $47 Value.


Get Domains Bonus 1


This is one of Bobby's other courses and it shows you exactly how Bobby pulled in over $6k on Fiverr…Without doing any of the actual work!


High-Quality Training shows you how to copy and paste the exact strategy that Bobby used to get incredible results in no time at all, even as a complete newbie on fiverr.


Bonus 2 – Fiverrlicious OTO 1 . $27 Value.


Get Domains Bonus 2


This is a secret hack and Bobby shares how to go from earning $10 to $20 every time to $50 to $100 using this method. 


Bonus 3 – Make Money With Domains – $27 Value.


Bonus 6


This covers some great techniques for buying and flipping domains. 


  • One such technique you will learn is called “Dropped Domain Names”
  • How to use specific keywords that are valuable to buyers  
  • The secret to buying and flipping “Bulk” domains. 
  • Backordering Domain Names
  • Domain Parking


Bonus 4 –  Earn $100 A Day From Your Phone – $17 Value.


This is a full course and includes case studies showing how to earn over $100 a day from your phone. 


Bonus 5 – Zero to $100 In 24 Hours –  $19 Value


Bonus 5


This is another full course complete with 10 videos showing you a method to earn online starting from scratch.


Additional Bonuses For Get Domains.


When you purchase this course you also get the following 3 bonuses included for free from the creators. 




The third bonus is actually another full course and still sells today. 


Flipadom is based on the actual results that Bobby has achieved, buying and selling domains, and making a tidy profit.


He has a full-time job, working incredibly long hours, but has been doing this in his spare time.


Below are some of the results shared inside this additional course. 


Get Domains Results




Get Domains Pricing.


Get Domains Corse ($12.95 ): 12 over the shoulder videos showing you exactly how to buy and sell domains.


Upgrade 1 ($47-$23) – “Secret Domain System” Learn where to sell domains in a very special place.  You have probably used this site many times but never thought of selling domains there…this gets thousands of views every day, all free traffic.


You will also learn a sure-fire way to find millions of domains that are in demand and sell over and over again.


Upgrade 2 ($37-$18) – “More Advance Training” 


Over the shoulder videos on how to make simple web pages to sell your domains. These can be made in minutes and take the hassle out of advertising.


These convert and even newbies can make these in minutes. You also get Bobby's email method and he will show you where to find hundreds of thousands of potential buyers for your domains.


Upgrade 3 ($97-$47) – License Rights”. Yep, good old license rights, The chance to bank big with 100% across the board, meaning you can sell this course yourself and keep all the profits.


This is an evergreen course and will go on forever!


Upgrade 4 ($997) – Lets Launch – How to launch your own product, find one, research it and make it market-ready!


Get Domains Money Back Guarantee.

Get Domains Money Back Guarantee