Spare5 App Review – Is It Worth It?

Welcome to this article – Spare5 App Review.

Spare5 is an app which has been around for a number of years, they have also worked with some huge companies including Microsoft, Expedia, IBM and many more.

What's the app Spare5 all about?

Spare5 is an app which pays you small quantities of cash by finishing ‘micro-tasks’ using your phone via the app store or you can also use your laptop or tablet.

Most tasks require little time to complete and the app pays anywhere between $0.02 – $0.05 for every task you complete. When I say little time I am talking 5-10 seconds.

The concept is that you go online or use the app when you've got a spare 5 minutes, and earn some extra money.

Today we take a look at the spare5 app, we look at how much money you can earn with this app and how to set up an account with spare5.

Today we take a look at the spare5 app, we look at how much money you can earn with this app and how to set up an account with spare5.

How Do You Get Started With Spare5?

You have two options with this.

The first is to download the app, however, this is only available on the app store so if you do not have an iphone you can also join using a laptop, computer or tablet.

This is how it looks inside the Spare5 app:

Today we take a look at the spare5 app, we look at how much money you can earn with this app and how to set up an account with spare5.

Spare5 app review, Is it worth it?

What Sort Of Tasks Are There Available On Spare5?

The Spare5 micro tasks are all different.

Here are a few examples taken from the Spare5 website:

  • Assess language:
    Tell us about the tone, meaning, contents, or attitude of a conversation, or simply the contents of an audio file.
  • Annotate images:
    Draw bounding boxes around various elements in an image and describe what’s where in a photo.
  • Isolate elements:
    Find the edges of an object to help computers see what you see.
  • Provide keywords:
    Help companies develop algorithms to learn what a photo is about.

How Much Can You Earn Using Spare5?

I joined Spare5 about a week ago now and so far have earned $9. I would say in total I have spent about an hour on the laptop completing really simple tasks.

When I first found this app I recorded a video and walk through showing you how to set this up, tips to earn more and some other bits.

You can see that video below:


As you may have seen in the video this isn't going to bring in thousands every month, but so far I have earned a bit of pocket money using this app,

I have also found some other bloggers who have made money using this app which you can check out here if you like.

Cashing out with Spare5.

Spare5 is available in any nation so long as you've got a PayPal account.

You get paid every week in USD and this is automatically sent to your PayPal account.

If you do not have $1 in your account this is then rolled over to the following week.

How To Earn More Money With Spare5.

After you have been a member for a few weeks you get to invite your friends and can earn more money for doing this.

How much exactly?

For everyone you share your code with you will earn an additional $1 for every $10 they earn up to $100.

Full disclosure: If you join Spare5 using my link then I will even earn the bonus amount mentioned above (This will not take any money you earn it just pays out a bonus for referring people to the app).

As soon as you're a member and waited a few weeks, you will get your personal referral code to share with your  family, friends and co workers which will help you earn more with this app.

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