Welcome to our post – 5 Perfect Stay At Home Jobs For Busy Parents.

Being a stay at home parent is, without a doubt, the hardest and most rewarding job on the planet.

I am very lucky that when my son was born my wife to be (in 5 days 🙂 was able to take the whole year off.

Sadly the year passed far to quick and it was back to work, BUT it was only for 2 days a week.

We were able to afford this by doing several different work from home jobs.

Spending time with your children is so important and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities I am sharing with you in this post.

We tried quite a few different jobs for stay at home parents and we eventually settled on eCommerce.

In this post, I will share with you the 5 best jobs for stay at home parents that brought us in some extra money.

I hope you find these useful.

Jobs For Stay At Home Parents

Lets get started with these perfect stay at home jobs for Mums & Dads.

1 – Work From Home Flipping Products.

What is flipping? You can check out Wikipedias definition here.

Flipping means you buy a product for x and then sell it for a higher price quickly. But with my version, I don’t buy any products and nor will you.

 Stay At Home Jobs For Mums & Dads, Today we share 5 jobs jobs you can do working from home on your computer.

Here is what I do – I look on eBay and Amazon for products which I can then flip on the opposite site.

I have found many items on Amazon which I then list on eBay.

Once the item sells on eBay I then jump on Amazon and send the item to my customer on eBay and keep the difference in price.

There are literally thousands of items which you can make a profit on including night lights, tents, cameras and much more.

Doing a quick search (2/7/18) here is an item you could make over £20 on after fees for every one you sell.

Please remember if you are reading this on a date different to the above the prices could have changed.

Check out this hot tub on eBay for £400

You can buy the same hot tub on Amazon for £369.99

So you would list this on eBay, then once it sells you buy from Amazon and have them send it directly to your customer.

The hot tub listing on eBay has sold 19 in a week! You could list yours at £395 and start getting sales today.

The best thing about this style of flipping is that you never have to lay out any of your own money.

You only buy from Amazon once you receive the money from your customer on eBay.

This is just one method of flipping products I have used.

Another is visiting charity shops, car boots and many more places where you can find some incredible products that you can flip the same day.

I have bought so many things which I have then flipped the same day for HUGE profits. 

Items such as:

  • Football Shirts
  • Xbox Games
  • Women’s Handbags
  • Kids Toys
  • Board Games

It is actually quite surprising what you can pick up when you are actually looking. And the profits you can make really start to stack up.

Perfect Stay At Home Jobs For Busy Parents.

Rob from Flea Market Flipper made over $135,000 flipping items he bought from flea markets and thrift stores PART-TIME and then reselling them on eBay.

Rob has created a 100% free workshop to show exactly how you can make money by visiting charity shops, thrift stores, car boot sales, yard sales, and flea markets in as little as 2 weeks. You can click here to sign up for his free workshop.

With this method to make money it all comes down to time and effort, the more you put in the more you get out.

Rob made over $42,000 “working” 10-15 hours per week.

When he put more effort into this he made over $133,000 “working” 20-35 hours per week.

2 – Stay At Home Jobs – Drop Shipping.

Make money drop shipping products - Not Taught At School

When I first started selling on eBay I had heard about drop shipping products but wasn’t sure in the beginning how it worked or how to get started.

Drop shipping is similar to flipping products as mentioned above but with so much more potential.

You can list thousands of products and never touch or see them.

I will break it down into 3 steps for you.

1 – You list products on your eBay account or online shop.

2 – Once you make a sale, you order the product from your drop shipping company.

3 – The company then send the product to your customer directly and you keep the profit.

Stay At Home Jobs For Mums & Dads, Today we share 5 jobs jobs you can do working from home on your computer.

I have written a full post on how to make money drop shipping which you can see here. 

Dropshipping really is a simple and great way to make money online and from home.

What I really like about this method is that you do not need to spend money on products, deal with packaging or shipping.

Plus you can get started with this method today and will only take a couple of hours to get set up.

You can “sell thousands of products and list them on places like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, your own website and many more.

Check out this article Make Money Dropshipping to walk you through everything you need to know.

3 – Work From Home Taking Online Surveys.

Jobs for stay at home parents

We were making between £250 / £300 every month doing online surveys and using cashback sites.

The best advice I can give you about survey sites is to join as many as possible.

They are free to join and you have more chance of earning money each day.

Also, some survey sites have referral programmes which mean if you recommend them to a friend or family member then you can also earn some more money once they join and take part in surveys.

Normally a survey takes between 5 and 10 minutes, however, I have taken some surveys which have lasted 20 minutes but you do get paid more for the longer ones.

Top Tip – Open a new email account for your survey sites so you never miss the opportunity to take a survey.

Below is a list of the survey sites we use and which pay the most.

Toluna – Surveys and also email, visit sites and more.

Inbox Pounds – Lots of survey sites on this site including I Poll, Toluna and more.

Swagbucks – One of my favorite sites and I still use them today. You can make money with Swagbucks in many different ways and surveys are just one of them.

I have written a full article on Swagbucks and how you can make money using the site. Click Here To Read.

Survey Junkie – Expect between 3 and 6 surveys a week.

YouGov – Get rewarded for giving your opinion on a variety of topics and subject.

American Consumer  – One of the biggest companies around with over 6 million subscribers and counting.

Clix Sense – This company is HUGE. They have partnered with other online survey sites including Toluna, YourSurveys, and Opinion World so you do get more surveys available to you.

If you want more survey sites you can read this article – Make Money Online Surveys.

4 – Free Lancing. 

Stay at home mom jobs

If you are good at marketing, web design, creating online videos or social media then consider registering on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace that sells services starting from $5.

You can also offer services such as

  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Creating Spreadsheets
  • Be a Virtual Assistant for the day and many more different ways.

Getting started is very easy, Just fill in your details, decide what you are going to offer and then start selling your services.

If you are reading this and think I can’t do any of the above fear not!  You can still earn money on Fiverr.

People will pay you to be their voice over artist. Have a look at the picture below.

Stay At Home Jobs For Mums & Dads, Today we share 5 jobs jobs you can do working from home on your computer.

People are looking for British, Spanish, American, Male, Female, voices for their new projects.

So head over to Fiverr and list your voice over services today.

5 – One Of The Best Jobs Working From Home On Your Computer Is – Blogging.

Start a blog

Now I have saved the best till the end for you.

I love blogging and sharing tips with people about all the different ways you can earn money from home and online.

Opening an email from someone or reading comments being thanked for creating a blog post makes my day.

I wish I had found a blog like this 10 years ago.

Then I wouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to find genuine ways to earn money from home or online.

You can start blogging about absolutely anything you like but please make sure it’s something you love sharing as if not you won’t enjoy it.

Click here for a 3 step guide for starting your very own blog.

Another great thing about having a blog is that you can actually earn money from it in many different ways, such as

Banners / Adverts –  you can get paid to display banners or adverts on your blog.

You get paid when someone clicks on one of these or you can get paid just for someone to see the banner.

Become an affiliate – When you recommend a product on your blog and the visitor clicks on your referral link you then earn a commission.

There are literally hundreds of different companies you can join to become an affiliate.

I have written a post on the 5 major affiliate companies you can join as a blogger here 

Offering your own product or service –You can sell your own products like eBooks, printables, spreadsheets, planners and more.

Sponsored Posts – companies can contact you about creating a blog post for their latest product to share with your readers.

That’s all for now in this post – 5 Stay At Home Jobs For Mums/Parents.

I hope you found this useful and please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment in the box below.

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Stay At Home Jobs For Moms & Dads, Today we share 5 jobs you can do working from home on your computer.

Best Jobs For Stay-at-Home Parents

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