Ideas To Start Making Money From Home.

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Are there any real ways to make money from home part-time?


This is a question I get asked all the time on this blog and over on the YouTube channel.


When you first start looking online for the best ways to make money from home part-time you will normally come across many scams, or someone trying to sell you a course for a very special one-time price of just $999.


It is only when you venture away from the first 10 pages of Google and start digging deeper do you find lots of ways which are genuine.


Over the years I have now had the opportunity to interview lots of people who are making money from home part-time, you can check out some of them here in the interview series.


Interestingly, in nearly all of these interviews, everyone went on to make money from home full time.


It tends to start like this, you find something which brings in some decent money dedicating just a few hours each week and overtime you realise if you spend more time on your home opportunity you can earn way more money than a full-time job.


So if you are looking for a way to make money from home part-time, full time or just looking to start earning some extra money, then in this article I will share the following with you. 

  • How to make money from home and online.
  • Exactly how much you can expect to make.
  • Resources to get started.
  • Results from myself and others who are making money online.


Make money from home part time with these 20+ jobs.


Are there any genuine ways to make money from home?




And not only will you find many of them in this article, but by the end, you will also start to form a plan for how you can get started on your own journey to make money from home part-time.


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30+ Real Ways To Make Money From Home Part-Time.


1 – Creative Way To Make Money Online – Sell Printables.


Are you creative or crafty?


If so then perfect, if not then don't worry, this can still be for you.


Printables are basically digital products that you create once and earn from for the rest of your life.




But what types of printables can you create to earn money?


When it comes to creating printables there are thousands of different products you can create and start making money with.


Here a few examples for you.

  • General Planners
  • Life Planners
  • Shopping checklists
  • Bridal Showers
  • Printable quotes
  • Patterns
  • Kids School Labels
  • Seasonal Placemats (Like Christmas / Easter)


This is one of the best and simplest ways to make money from home because anyone can start this.


Also, this is actually a passive income because for each printable you create it can bring you in money for the rest of your life.


How does it work?


After someone buys one of your printables these are delivered digitally.


Your customer gets an instant download link to the printable straight after they have made a purchase, 


People are making serious money with printables every month on many platforms.


There are many places you can sell your printables, these include.


  • Etsy.
  • eBay.
  • Amazon.
  • A blog.
  • Facebook Market Place.
  • Many more places.


Selling printables is great because you can start making money without any experience, or design skills and it is very easy and cheap to get started with.


How Much Can You Make With Printables?


You can earn as much as you like.


I think the question here is, how many printables can you create?


The more listings you have online then you are exponentially increasing your potential monthly income.


This lady earns over £30,000 every year selling printables.


Doing a quick bit of research there are some sellers earning over 6 figures a year with printables. 


Here is a snapshot from a website earning over $100,000 a year with printables.


Steps for creating a printable?

  • Come up with some ideas for your printable.
  • Create the printable using free sites like Canva.
  • Open a store on Etsy and upload you're printable. 


How do I get started selling printables?


You have two options here.


Start watching lots of YouTube video's or read hundreds of blog articles.


Option 2 is to find someone already successful with selling printables online.


This isn't too hard and after 2 minutes searching on Google I found a few people advertising their course for making money with printables.


These courses ranged anywhere from $100 all the way up to $2,000 


But I wouldn't recommend you pay anywhere near this amount. 


The course I recommend to you today is by Ike who has been creating and selling printables for many years.


Plus the price of his course is ridiculously cheap for everything included.


This course covers everything you would ever need to start making money with printables.


His course is called Printly and it is worth every penny.


Today we look at How To Make 100 a day - Part 4 in the series.

Today we look at How To Make 100 a day - Part 4 in the series.



Check Out This Course On Printables—–> HERE

2 – Proof Reading.


Have you ever been reading online and seen grammar errors and mistakes?


Can you easily spot errors when reading?


If so, you could consider becoming a Proofreader.


What is a Proofreader?


Proofreading is the process of reviewing the final draft of a piece of writing to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.


Proofreaders are essential.


How do I know this?


Well, there are currently over 40 websites where you can find people needing proofreaders. 


let's take a quick look at one of the biggest websites in freelancing.


Over on there are currently over 20 jobs available for proofreaders, see below….


30+ Real Ways To Make Money From Home Part Time


Another site you could use would be People Per Hour. How many Proofreading jobs are on there?


Currently, there are 34 jobs available for Proofreaders. This updates daily.


people per hour Proofreading jobs.


So far they are over 50 jobs available for proofreaders on just two different websites.


As I mentioned earlier there are many more websites you can use to find jobs for proofreaders. Here are a few websites for you.



How Much Can You Make With Proofreading?




A Lady I know called Caitlin Pyle made over $40,000 in just one year working part-time! 


Many other Proofreaders are earning between $1,000-$4,000 a month.


The best thing about proofreading jobs is that you can do this from home and at a time that suits you.


How To Get Started With Proofreading.


Get started with this FREE introductory class which will point you in the right direction to not only find your first paying job but also how to turn this little side gig into a proper business.



If you are interested in proofreading as a full-time career, or just simply want to start making money from home part-time then this class will show you everything needed.


What you can expect from this free workshop….


The Ultimate Guide To Make Money From Home



3 – Take Part In Study & Research Groups.


This is a great way to earn some extra money from home working part-time.


You also get the opportunity to work with some big companies.


Respondent is a website who offer lots of opportunities and they have been around for a number of years now, plus they have worked with lots of companies. 


Below are just a handful of companies who you can find on Respondent. 


Real Ways To Make Money From Home Part Time Working With Respondent.


How does it work?


After you have signed up and created an account (this is free) you can start searching the opportunities available.


These opportunities are updated daily and usually, there are hundreds of research studies you can participate in.


Every study is different and you can find them in all types of categories. 


Here is a screenshot from the dashboard today, there are currently over 400 projects available.


Earn money at home with research groups


You can see in a quick snapshot what the job is about, how long it will take and exactly how much you will be paid.


So find one you like and apply to take part. 


How Much Can You Make With Research Groups?


You can get paid for many different things including.


  • Visit a website and give feedback on how it looks and feels.
  • Share your routine (Something like your skincare regime, fitness etc)
  • Giving your opinion on a subject.
  • Test new products.
  • Take part in a focus group and so much more.



I have been Respondent for a number of years and the tasks available are always very varied.


The best thing about earning money with paid market research groups is that you can do this from anywhere in the world and most of the paid tasks take less than an hour.


> Create an account with Respondent to participate in studies and earn money!


4 – Selling Products On Amazon (FBA) is, absolutely, the biggest on-line seller at the moment and it shows no chance of slowing down!


Did you know that you can actually utilize Amazon's massive worldwide target market to offer your very own items?


One of the best ways to generate an income with Amazon is to utilise “fulfilment by Amazon



Exactly how it works:


The short version is you buy products and send them into Amazon's warehouses. 


Then when that product sells, Amazon takes care of everything else for you.


They pick the item, pack it and finally ship the item for you. 


Now, there are a number of ways you can start with this to make money from home part-time.


You can either buy items in bulk from different suppliers and manufacturers or you can simply buy items in your local shops, car boots and anywhere else.


This is a fantastic way of making money at home due to the fact that nearly all of the process is done for you.


It is extremely possible to run this little business with minimal hours and also still make a decent profit.


Your job will be to find the products and send them into Amazon.


How Much Can You Make With Amazon FBA?


This will depend on how much time and effort you can commit to this.


The potential really is huge.


This article How Much Money Do Amazon Sellers Make? surveyed thousands of sellers and found that most sellers on Amazon make at least $1,000 in sales every month.


This also went all the way up to $250,000! A Month!




This is sales, we are more interested in profits. 



Over 43% of sellers have achieved profits of more than $25,000.


I think you will agree that is pretty awesome considering most people start this off working very minimal hours.


Also to date, 6% of sellers on Amazon are now millionaires from their Amazon FBA Business.


Resources for selling products on Amazon FBA.



You can take this FREE Workshop which will show you how to build a profitable Amazon business from scratch.


Kevin has made over $1,000,000 with this model to make money from home working part-time.


On this FREE training, he shares the blueprint to repeatably sell simple everyday products on Amazon as a complete beginner.


Click here to get FREE access to this Amazon FBA webinar


5 – Blogging.


This has to be included in the list because of the flexibility and the amount you can earn is limitless. 


Blogging is one of my favorite ways to make money from home part-time because of the passive income I make from it.


This article you are reading now wasn't written today, yet it is and will continue to bring me in money every day.


And the same can be said for nearly all the articles on this blog. 


Whilst blogging is a great way to make money, it does require consistency and effort. 


But it can bring you to some very good money and best of all…. passive income. 


How Much Can You Earn?


Similar to Amazon FBA which we just looked at, the earning potential is unlimited. 


How do you make money with a blog?


  1. Affiliate marketing – This works by adding tracked affiliate links into your blog article. You can make a small or big commission every time a reader clicks through to a site, product or software you recommend and makes a purchase.
  2. Paid Advertisements – Add banner adverts to your blog and earn money selling advertising space on your blog.
  3. Sponsored content – Companies will pay you to write content for them. As an example, if Apple brings out a new iPhone (Every few months isn't it?) and you have a blog about technology, gadgets, mobile phones etc they might offer to pay you to write an article about their latest product.
  4. Sponsored Social Media Post – If your blog has a big following on social media you can actually get paid to share content. 


The above are just 4 examples for you, there are lots more.


This article has loads more examples of how you can make money from a blog.

Resources for making money with a blog.


If you like the idea of making money with a blog then check out my article which walks you through the entire process from start to finish.


Click here to read: how you can start your very own money-making blog.


Another resource I have for you is a course called Turn Your Dreams Into Money by Emma Drew.


This course is jam-packed with everything you need to know about making money from blogging and how to start.



Inside the course you will find some of the below:

  1. Before you start – tutorials for brand new bloggers.
  2. Laying the Foundations For A WILDLY Successful Blog
  3. Writing kick-ass blog posts
  4. How to get traffic to your blog
  5. Becoming a social media whizz
  6. The business of blogging
  7. Make Money With Sponsored Posts
  8. Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
  9. Make Money From Adverts
  10. How To Continue Growing Your Business


Click here to check out Turn Your Dreams Into Money 


Finally, another resource for you is a website called Wealthy Affiliate 


This platform has been around for 14 years and is a complete all in one site for creating blogs.


You even get 2 FREE blogs when you sign up.


Not only do you get blogs for free but there is also a wealth of knowledge and training inside.


They show you how to build a website, where to find products to promote and how to get traffic.


>> Get you FREE Blog here


6 – Affiliate Marketing.


This is my favourite way to make money from home part-time.


The concept of affiliate marketing is pretty straight forward.


  • You find a product with an affiliate programme.
  • Then you join the affiliate programme.
  • Next, you get given a link for the product.
  • You then share that link.
  • If someone buys after clicking on your link then you can earn a commission.


Many people are sharing product recommendations every day, they just don't realise it.


Let me give you a real-life example.


Recently we bought our daughter a playpen from Amazon. 


Our friends came over and when they saw it they asked where we bought it from. 


I told them it was from Amazon and would send them a link to it. 


They bought the product and I earned a commission. 


Yes seriously, you can earn money from recommending products on Amazon. 


And it's not just Amazon, there are literally hundreds of thousands of companies who will pay you to send them customers.


Here are some examples:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Apple
  • Tesco
  • Argos
  • Walmart
  • Asda


The best thing when it comes to affiliate marketing is that you can earn lots of money for sharing products or services you actually use and love.


Also, the income you can earn from affiliate marketing can become passive if you set this up correctly.


How Much Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?


As much as you like!


It really can produce life-changing amounts of money for you. 


Here is a screenshot from a post I shared inside my Facebook group.



Make Money At home Today



This $1,000 which dropped into my account was earned passively.


I wasn't working at the time to earn this, but I still earned money from the work I did once. 


This is why I love affiliate marketing. 


The potential with affiliate marketing is unlimited.


And if you are sharing products you either

  • Use.
  • Bought.
  • Love.
  • Recommend.


Then it makes this even better, wouldn't you agree?


How to start with Affiliate Marketing?


If you want to learn step-by-step how to make money with affiliate marketing then I highly recommend this.


It will show you everything involved with affiliate marketing and it is the same 15-day challenge I took which has helped me go from a few hundred each month to earning thousands daily.


Plus the cost is ridiculously cheap, $7! (About £5.50 in the UK)


You get 15 days of videos, PDFs, a facebook support group and much more. 


This is what it looks like inside the course. 



You do not need any special skills or experience to get started with affiliate marketing.


This course will walk you through the entire process from start to finish and is packed with top tips, hidden gems and much more.




Resource number two is this eBook.


And the cost is just ridiculous, for only $1.99 (About £1.50 here in the UK) you will learn everything about affiliate marketing from start to finish.

Affiliate Marketing Ebook

Affiliate Marketing - Insiders Guide

Click Here To Check out the book


Resource Number 3.


My FREE affiliate marketing course. 


This is something I use to charge for and recently made it free for blog readers and my YouTube audience too.


Here is a screenshot from inside the course.


Affiliate marketing free course


Click here to get the FREE Affiliate marketing course.


Resource Number 4.

Recently I wrote this article about affiliate marketing and it breaks everything down and shares many examples for you – Affiliate Marketing: How Lots Of Ordinary People Are Making Thousands Sharing Products.



7 – Teach Online.


Online teaching is growing every year.


And it will continue to do so, especially after what has happened in 2020.


Plus it is an excellent way to make money from home part-time if you have some teaching experience or knowledge of a specific subject.


What Do You Need To Teach Online?


You will need a laptop or computer, a reliable internet connection, knowledge or experience in a specific subject, and finally a webcam.


How much can you make teaching online?



This varies from company to company and after doing some research you can expect to earn anywhere from $10.00 all the way up to $60 per hour.


This article shares several examples of people earning over $40,000 a year teaching online. 


Resources for teaching online?


There are a number of websites you can apply to, below are just a few for you.



Magic Ears



Tutoring online is the perfect fit for many looking to make money from home part-time because of the flexibility. 


8 – Get Paid To Search The Web.


Did you know there are many sites which will pay you to search the web?

Even Google.


This is known as a web search evaluator or developer. 


“A web search developer is someone who helps search engines to understand a webpage and its relevance to the original term searched.


How it works:


You get given keywords or search terms to use online.


You then take these keywords and type them into Google/Bing and see what comes up for each search term.


Then for every page or blog article you come across you give it a rating, normally 1 – 5.


5 being the most relevant and 1 being the least.


Resources for a web search evaluator: 


I have written a full article and recorded a video about How To Become A Web Search Evaluator. 


9 – Start Dropshipping.


Dropshipping is a very simple method to make money online from home.


In fact, my 7-year-old son has recently started his own dropshipping website.


If you can copy and paste then you will love this!


What is dropshipping?


Dropshipping is a method to earn money online where you sell third-party products from a specific dropshipping company.


You never have to see the product or mess about with boxing it up and sending it in the post. 


When you make a sale, the product or products are shipped directly to your customer from the drop shipping company.


Your profit is the difference between what you charge your customer and how much the drop shipping company charges you.


Make money drop shipping


Resources for Dropshipping.


Over the years I have been involved with dropshipping many times.


Recently I set my son up with his own dropshipping website.


So below you will find several resources available for you.


The first one is this article – How To Make Money Dropshipping Products. It walks you through the whole process in a lot more detail.


Next is AlidropShip.



This website is 100% dedicated to dropshipping and offers you lots of resources to get started.


AliDropShip is very easy to get started with and the cost is excellent value for money.


AliDropShip gets everything up and running for you within a couple of days and includes all of these features.


  • Easy to install and customize your very own website
  • One-click import of top-selling AliExpress products
  • Set your profit margins exactly where you want them
  • Easy management and marketing with automated solutions
  • Choose from an array of add-ons to further boost your traffic & sales
  • Fully-automated order fulfilment for 24/7 sales


Or if you like, they will build you a full website and dropshipping store.



AliDropShip - Earn Money With Dropshipping


Everything with Alidropship is done for you and the end results are just awesome!


>> Check Out AlidropShip.

The final resource I have for you is a step-by-step course.

Recently I purchased this course on Dropshipping and highly recommend it.

It comes with step-by-step videos and also includes several PDF'S.

Also included is a software which builds a dropshipping website for you.

Plus it also comes with a Facebook support group, case studies and lots more.

The creator Simon earns over 6 figures every month with this dropshipping model whilst travelling the world. (Lucky for some)


How To Make Money Drop Shipping step-by-step

> Check Out The Course Here.<<<<

10 – Flip Products.


This is an awesome way to make money from home part-time and something anyone can do.


The basic method here is you buy something and then sell it for more money.


You would be shocked at the number of items you can buy and then flip for a profit the same day!


Over the years I have bought items from charity shops, car boot sales, Gumtree, eBay customer returns, Amazon and many more.


At one point I use to buy products from the local £1 shop and then sell these on eBay for £8+.


This is very simple to do and if you do some quick research using your phone you can make money very quickly.


A great tool to use for this is the Barcode Scanner For eBay.


How Much Can You Make Flipping Products?


The amount you can earn will all come down to how much time, effort and research you put in.


Also, the money available will play a part.


To date, I have made just over £50,000 flipping products.


I started small flipping items from anywhere I could buy them and then we moved into buying customer return pallets.


Rob in the US made over $40,000 using this exact method, when he started putting more time into this he quickly tripled his income to over $130,000.


Resources for Flipping Products.


Perfect Stay At Home Jobs For Busy Parents.


Rob over at market flipper has created a free workshop to share how you can set up a profitable reselling business – in as little as 14 days.

>>> Click here to check out his FREE Workshop for flipping products.

11 – Create a Kindle Book.


You can get started with this method today, plus it is very simple to start.


And no, you do not have to write 20,000 words+


You can create low content books and even books with no content!




Also, this can all be done using free tools too.


Plus once you have done the work and got it listed on Amazon you can then start generating a passive income for life.


But what are low content books?


This article over on Tough Nickel explains everything about low content books.


A low content book contains material that encourages readers to do some activity, usually by writing, drawing, coloring, painting, etc. right in the book itself. If you looked at the total number of words, it’s small when compared to a standard text-only book. These books are not designed to be read; they’re designed for action and interaction.



You can create these books in many different categories.


Examples include:

Puzzle Books
Daily Planners
Guest Books
Coloring books


Creating low content books is an excellent way to make money from home part-time because they take little time to create.


And they require little to no up-front costs.


How Much Can You Make With These Books?


As much as you like.


The more books you create then the more potential you have to earn money.


Resources for creating low content books.


Recently I purchased a software called Designnr to help speed up the whole process.


This makes creating these eBooks incredibly simple and fast.


Features include:

  • Create Ebooks in Minutes
  • 100 Project Templates Included
  • 720 Google Fonts
  • Unlimited Copyright Free Images
  • Publish Unlimited Ebooks
  • FREE Commercial license
  • Incredibly Easy To Use


Check out the video below showing you this software in action and just how quick it can create these ebooks.




12 – Create A YouTube Channel.


Don’t panic.


Did you know you can create a YouTube channel without any of the below:


  1. Having to be on camera.
  2. Using your own voice.
  3. Lighting equipment.
  4. Expensive cameras.
  5. Any previous experience.


The way to make money from home with YouTube is following some guidelines.


First, decide what you are going to create videos about. 


Then work out how you are going to monetise your account. 


Are you going to do affiliate marketing, paid videos, collaborations with brands and there are lots more ways to make money from YouTube.


Lots of people give up on YouTube for one reason.


That is because they start uploading videos and get little to no views or subscribers.


The key to making money on YouTube is obviously getting more people to watch your videos which then helps your subscribers grow too.


This is very simple to do but many people do not understand the process.


I grew my YouTube channel to over 50,000 subscribers in a little over a year.


Check out this article – How to get more YouTube subscribers fast.


How Much Can You Make? 


There are several ways to make money with a YouTube channel, this includes:


  1. Paid adverts
  2. Sponsored videos
  3. Membership sites
  4. Product reviews
  5. Collaborations
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Merchandise & lots more.


Many people believe the only way to make money with YouTube is via paid advertisements. (Adverts played before or during the video you want to watch)


Before YouTube will allow you to have adverts on your videos first you must meet the  YouTube partner programme requirements. 


For this, you need 1,000 subscribers and also 4,000 hours of your videos being watched. 


This can take some time, so I would advise you to start monetizing from day 1.


The best way anyone can start making money with YouTube is affiliate marketing.


There are thousands of products that you can create videos about.


The easiest way to explain this is that you could start a channel in lets say the health and fitness niche. 


You then find products on places like Amazon, eBay and different affiliate networks. 


Then you create a video about the product and leave a link to this the description box. 



It takes some time but once your videos and channel are growing the amount of money you can make is ridiculous. 


About a year ago I earned over $1,000 in a day from my YouTube channel.


To earn this amount of money from a video I created once is just awesome, isn’t it?


I also shared this with my facebook group at the end of the day.


Make money from home


Resources for Making Money With YouTube.


First, you can find all my YouTube articles here >>>> How To Make Money On YouTube.


Next, I have my very own YouTube course.

Previously I used to do YouTube coaching,  however, the number of people applying just became too much to keep up with.

So I spent several months creating a YouTube course. 

Inside the course, it shares the EXACT strategies and SEO growth hacks I have used in the last 12 months to start, build and grow several YouTube channels. 

Also, I have several student testimonials which include Youri whose channel has just passed 100,00 subscribers.

Earn money with YouTube


The course is broken down into very easy to follow steps and it includes everything I know about making money on YouTube.


I also share lots of very important things which people overlook when looking to make money on YouTube.


Included in the course:

  • The Basics To Start Properly.
  • The Fast Method.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Creating Videos (Even without being on camera)
  • What you MUST do after you upload a video.
  • The Perfect Video Formula.
  • Money Funnels.

How To Make Money From Home With YouTube


Click here to check out YouTube Passive Profits 


13 – Earn money completing microtasks.


This is something I shared on the YT channel a few months ago.


Here is the video for you. 



You can get paid to complete very simple tasks, normally these tasks can be done is less than a minute.


What can you get paid to do?


  • Like a page on facebook.
  • Follow someone on Twitter.
  • Comment on instagram pictures.
  • Sign up to a free trial.
  • Test Apps.
  • Watch a YouTube video.


How much can you earn with micro-tasks?


As this is very simple tasks the amount you earn is small for each completed task.


Below is a screenshot showing my earnings when I tested this out before.


Can you really get paid to watch Youtube videos? In short, Yes you can, in this article we show you exactly how and where you can get paid for watching videos online.

For about 5/10 minutes of completing these tasks, I earned $1.60


All of these tasks were incredibly simple and quick to complete.


Resources for Micro taskers:


I have written a full blog post about this, you can see it here – How to earn money watching YouTube videos.


Websites offering microtasks.



Lion Bridge.

Click Worker.


14 – Earn money by reviewing music.


Did you know that you can earn money from home listening to music and giving your feedback?


You can earn by simply listening to various different radio stations, giving your feedback on new songs and even predicting if a song will be a hit or not. 


I have recorded a quick video on this below for you.


Sites that pay you to listen to music.


Music xray 

Slice the pie 


Resources for earning money listening to music:


I have written a full blog article which you can see here – Get Paid To Listen To Music 


15 – Virtual Assistant


This is a great way to make money from home and as a virtual assistant, you can leverage the skills you all ready have. 


What is a virtual assistant?


A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.


Here are just a few ways you can earn money as a virtual assistant:


  • Organising someone’s diary.
  • Social media management.
  • Doing Research.
  • Administrative duties. 
  • Data Entry.
  • Editing.



How much can you make as a virtual assistant?


According to the Society of Virtual Assistant's annual survey, the average hourly rate for a virtual assistant in the UK is about £27 an hour.


Over in the US this is a little higher with some people earning up to $80 an hour.


16 – Freelance Writer.


Do you like to write?


As a freelance writer, you get paid to create content for others.


Plus there are lots of opportunities available with freelance writing.


You can write for any of the following:


  • Bloggers.
  • Ebook creators.
  • Actual books.
  • Websites.
  • Business owners.
  • Brands & more. 


How Much Can You Make With Freelance Writing?


How many words can you write? 


This will come down to how much effort you put into freelancing. 


The average salary for a Freelance Writer in the UK is currently £88.98  


Doing a quick bit of research I found this article from someone over in the US who made $60,000 in their first year.


Check out how much freelance writers actually make. 


Resources for Freelance writing.


Check out this article – How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer.


Below you will find websites that will pay you to write articles as a freelance writer.


  • Listverse: A listicle website that pays you $100 per accepted article that you submit.
  • All Pet Voices: This website is dedicated to animals and they pay $75 per accepted article.
  • Loaded Landcapes: A photography website that pays anywhere from $15-$150 per accepted article.
  • Income Diary: A website completely focused on making money online that pays you $200-$500 per accepted article.


17 – Transcribe.


A Transcriber listens to audio files and then types up what they hear.


Surprisingly there is quite the demand for this.


All you need is a computer, a reliable Internet connection, and the ability to transcribe audio or video.


This is another real way to make money from home part-time because you can work around your own schedule.


Just be sure you can meet the deadlines for any job you accept.


How Much Can You Make As A Transcriber? 


Over here in the UK, the average full-time wage for a transcriptionist is around £19,000. 


However, as this article is about ways to make money from home part-time, below you will find the best websites which offer lots of part-time and remote jobs for a transcriptionist. 


Resources For Transcribers.



18 – Get Paid To Play Video Games.


Get Paid To Play Video Games


This is the dream for many young children and some adults too.


You can get paid to test new games, play in competitions, download apps and play them before they are officially released on the app store or Google Play.


Resources for being paid to play video games. 


These websites all offer some form of payment, this can be Paypal, Amazon gift cards and more. 


Plus all of these are free to join.



19 – Social Media Manager.


Imagine getting paid to be on social media.


You would be amazed at how many businesses do not use social media for their business.


Also, lots of businesses just don't have the time to be posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc


Instead, they outsource this work to people to post on their behalf.


I love this way to make money and it is something I offer as a service in my online business. 


Plus there are lots of social media schedulers available online, so you can schedule full months worth of Facebook/Twitter posts or Instagram / Pinterest in a couple of hours. 


How Much Can You Earn As A Social Media Manager?


You can earn anywhere from £1,000 – £10,000 and more per month.


This will depend on the number of clients you work with.


Also, as you are using social media you can work with businesses in any country at any time.


Resources for a social media manager.


Annie earns over $700 a week posting on Facebook and Twitter for local companies she works with.


Recently she put together a free workshop showing you how this works, the best place to find these paid social media jobs and lots more great tips. 


Take The FREE Course here.


20 – Sell Your Old Shoes!


Hear me out on this one.


Because you really can make some good money from home selling your old shoes or second-hand shoes you find.


Like most things, when you start doing a bit of research into this you find lots of people using and sharing tips with this method.


How Much Can You Make Selling Shoes?


Plenty! And you would be very surprised how much someone would pay for your second-hand shoes.


I bought a course about flipping shoes (Wouldnt have thought this was even a thing a few years ago)


It walks you through the whole process of selling shoes online.


It also comes with a Facebook group and members share their results daily, it has been quite the eye-opener.


Here are some screenshots from inside the fb group after a recent 30-day shoe flipping challenge.


Make Money At home

Earn Money At Home

Resources for Flipping Shoes.


Beau Hunter and Rob from flea market flipper have put together this awesome workshop which will show you everything you need to know about making money selling shoes.


  • ​Where to find awesome deals on shoes.
  • ​Which brands to look for.
  • ​How to clean up all types of shoes so you can make the most money from them.
  • ​Learn How to take GREAT pictures that will increase your sales.
  • ​How to properly ship shoes so they don't get damaged and the buyer is happy to leave you positive feedback.


This course is very in-depth and also includes 4 training sessions that were recorded live, there is also PDFs from each session and the Facebook group for support and questions.


Check out Shoe Flipping Mastery 


And that concludes this article – Real Ways To Make Money From Home Part-Time.


Did you find it useful?


Was there anything that caught your eye?


Let me know in the comments down below, I would love to hear your feedback.


Making Money From Home Final Thoughts?


My best advice to you for making money at home is to just pick something and get started with it.


But do not give up or quit after a few weeks as many people do.


You really can make money from home, however it will take some time, effort and consistency.


Some of the ideas on this page will take more time than others but they are all proven ways to make money from home and online. 


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Thanks for reading.

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