Affiliate Marketing Made Easy.


When you look at the whole concept of affiliate marketing, it is the dream for many people.


You can actually earn money whilst you sleep.


There is no limit to the amount you can earn, and best of all?


It takes very little to get started.


In fact, you can start affiliate marketing with no money and no experience.


Just imagine, you bought a product that you really like and share about it on facebook or Instagram as many of us do.


However, this time, whenever anyone clicks on your post and then purchases said product you earned money from that.


In short, that is what affiliate marketing is.


When you actually break it down step-by-step the whole concept is very easy to understand and follow along with.


Plus nothing beats the feeling of opening your inbox in a morning to see you have made money whilst you have been asleep.


In-fact, the below dropped into my inbox whilst I was giving my daughter her night feed.



Affiliate Marketing: How Lots Of Ordinary People Are Making Thousands Sharing Products.


I couldn't believe it!


Nor could my daughter when her milk went in the air in a fist pump. (Ha)


But all joking aside, this is just one example for you, I share products and services on many different platforms and receive commissions daily from affiliate networks.


This income is completely life-changing and I am thankful to see these commissions drop in every day, here is another example for you.


Affiliate Marketing: $10,000 In 30 Days.



What Is Affiliate Marketing?


There are many different definitions of affiliate marketing but my favorite and most simple to explain is by Pat Flynns Smart Passive Income.


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.


It really is that simple, so let's break this down further.


Affiliate Marketing: How Lots Of Ordinary People Are Making Thousands Sharing Products.

Affiliate Marketing With Amazon.


Did you know that you can share links from Amazon and Ebay and if someone uses your link and purchases anything you can earn an affiliate commission?


I am an affiliate with Amazon and earn a passive income each month from “work” I did years ago.


More recently I just buy Amazon ready websites so I skip the “work” part. 


Here is how much I have earned with Amazon in the last 30 days from one of my affiliates sites.


Affiliate Marketing With Amazon


And the best bit about this money?


I have done nothing in the last 18 months to earn this.


That is the beauty about affiliate marketing, if you set things up correctly it can bring you in a passive income for years to come.


Amazon and eBay are just two examples of companies who will pay you to send them customers. There are thousands of different companies and platforms including some of the below…


  • Apple
  • Walmart
  • Asda
  • Etsy
  • Target


So how do I earn money with Amazon Associates? 


I have something called niche websites. 


And I also have a piece of software which creates videos automatically and uploads them to YouTube for me.


First, let me share about niche websites and how this works.


When it comes to niche websites these are simple websites created around a particular category or niche. 


This can be absolutely anything. 


  • How to get a baby to sleep.
  • Quick ways to lose weight. 
  • Laptops under £500
  • The best cameras
  • How to train a dog
  • Getting rid of flies


Once you have decided on your niche and found products to promote the next part is to create the content. 


In this example, we would create a website and then write articles and link out to different products or services.


One of my niche websites is about getting rid of flies in your home.


The Best Side Hustles To Make Money From Home [FAST]

How does it work?


I write  I outsource people to write articles for me about different things relating to getting rid of flies in your home. 


Over time these articles start to appear on Google and then people land on my website, they read the article and click on the links which lead over to Amazon. 


If they purchase then I earn a commission, also if they also purchase anything else in the next 24 hours I will also earn a commission for this too. 


Pretty cool right? 


BUT the commissions on Amazon are very low and you can earn way more in other places.


When I first got started with affiliate marketing I focused on eBay and Amazon along with a few others but quickly realized you can make way more money with the same effort using affiliate networks.


What Are Affiliate Networks?


Affiliate networks are where you can find hundreds of products available for you to share and earn commissions from. Some of the top networks include:



These networks have products and services that will pay you anywhere from $1 all the way up to $5,000 and more.


Also, it doesn't matter what category or niche is of interest to you because you will always find something which you can market or share.


Here is the full list of categories inside Clickbank.


Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank


If we go a little deeper and click on any of the drop-down boxes you will find subcategories or niches. So here is a look inside the health and fitness category.


Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank Products


In total there are 17 subcategories where you can find products to share. Let's look further at some examples and see how much we could potentially earn.


Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank Products


As you can see from the above picture if we were to share any of these products then you could expect to earn some decent money from each one.


The average sale is what you could potentially earn for each product.


Another reason why I use sites like Warrior Plus is that you also get something called an affiliate page, this is full of resources to help you earn more affiliate commissions.


The person or company who created the product want you to help them sell as many as possible, so they offer lots of tools and resources to drive more sales for them which in turn gives you more commissions.


You will find most affiliate networks offer something very similar.


Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing.


So, this is the fun part.


Once you have decided on your category or niche and have found products to share, how do you actually get started?


How do you drive traffic (people) to your links?


There are a number of ways you can do this and I have included some of them below for you.


  • Create a blog or website.
  • Start a YouTube channel.
  • Share images on Instagram.
  • Answer questions on Quora.
  • Use Facebook to create a group and share content in there.


Believe it or not, nearly every website you visit on the internet is making an affiliate commission in one way or another.


People create a website around a certain category and then write an article linking out to different products and they receive an affiliate commission.


This article over on niche pursuits shares 22 niche websites which are absolutely killing it with affiliate commissions.


Example Of a Niche Website.


Affiliate Marketing - Niche Website

BabyGearLab is a website dedicated to doing reviews on everything baby related.


When someone searches for a product on Google relating to anything baby this website is always on the first page.


This is a great niche because whenever someone is researching a product they are normally looking into buying the product.


This website gets over 120,000 visitors every month and earns money with Amazon.


When someone clicks any link in their articles they earn a commission.


Affiliate Marketing - Niche Website Baby


Did you see all the Amazon links in the above picture? That is how this website earns an affiliate commission. It is a very simple model.

  • Create baby reviews.
  • Include affiliate links.
  • Earn money.


Another great way to make money with this model is something called compassion websites or reviews.


Every day hundreds of people are searching for the “best” or “cheapest”  xxxxx




This method to earn affiliate commissions is very good and as I shared at the beginning of the article I also earn from doing this BUT it does take time and effort.


Review Channels On YouTube.


Over on YouTube you will find thousands of channels creating review videos in many different categories including:

  • Mobile phones.
  • Laptops.
  • Cars.
  • Software's.
  • Make up.
  • Online Courses.
  • Weight-loss Products.
  • And Many More


This is a great way to make affiliate commissions because if people are looking into xxx product review, this means they are in the buying mode and just need a little nudge in the right direction to purchase.


I regularly do a review video on my main channel Not Taught At School because it is a simple way to get in front of people looking to buy a product.


Here is an example of a video I uploaded to YouTube for a product called Video Tik which I knew lots of people would be searching for.


Affiliate Marketing With TikTok


This video to date has had over 1,500 views and the video next to it about the same product has had 1,900 views.


In the first two days here is how much I earned from the videos…..

Affiliate Marketing With TikTok 2

These videos have gone on to bring in a total over $3,000 in affiliate commissions and just yesterday I received an affiliate commission for the software I was sharing.


If you like the idea of earning affiliate commissions on YouTube but being on camera or talking puts you off then check out this article – How to make money on YouTube without making videos.


Affiliate Marketing With Instagram.


This is one of the easier ways to earn affiliate commissions as you are just sharing images.


Like the two examples we looked at above there are thousands of people making money using this method.


You will also find many people sharing products they found over on Clickbank.


Let's take the woodworking niche as an example.


Doing a quick search on Instagram there are over 1 million posts with the #woodworking.


Within 20 seconds I found an account called woodworkingplanning.


affiliate marketing With Instagram


This account has over 254 thousand followers and they get lots of likes and comments on their pictures.


How are they making money?


They went through the process we looked at at the beginning of this article.


  • They decided on a niche – Woodworking.
  • Found a product to promote – Teds Woodworking on Clickbank.
  • Created content – Shared images on Instagram


The link in the “Bio” on Instagram direct people to the sales page of the product, they also mention the link in the comments of every picture they share.


affiliate marketing With Instagram


Then once someone clicks the link they are taken over to the product Teds WoodWorking Plans, this is one of the best sellers on Clickbank and has been around for a number of years.


I also know it converts very well and makes sales every day. Looking at the gravity rating in the image below you will see it has sold nearly 200 copies in the last 48 hours and comes with an average sale of $55.


This is just one example over on Instagram, there are people doing this exact strategy in hundreds of categories and niches.


Other ways to drive traffic to your affiliate offers?


There are literally hundreds of different ways you can get people on the sales page of the product you are promoting.


Examples include:


Pinterest For Your Affiliate Offers.


This is a huge platform that you can use to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.


Pinterest has been around for a number of years and is quickly becoming a powerhouse for driving traffic to your affiliate products.


Similar to Instagram in that you upload a pin (Basically a picture) Within the description you include your keywords and a link to the product you are promoting or sharing.


If we continue with the woodworking theme you will find plenty of pins people have uploaded with the aim of getting people over to their blog/website/affiliate product and many more.


Affiliate Marketing With Pinterest


Answering Questions On Quora.


This is another easy platform you can use to get your product in front of people.


How does it work?


People ask questions on the platform and then users give an answer, within the answer you can include a link.


I used to do this a while ago and would spend a few hours every week, now I outsource this but even now I get traffic to my blog and affiliate offers even though I haven't answered a question in over a year.


In the last 30 days the answers I gave on the platform have been viewed over 2,800 times.


Affiliate Marketing With Quora


Here are some of the questions I have answered on the platform, as you will see this was over a year ago now, YET, I still get traffic and sales from this website every day.


Affiliate Marketing With Quora - Answers


You will find people asking questions in every single niche on this platform and you simply answer their question and include a link to wherever you want to send them, Amazon, Clickbank etc


Very Important Part Of Affiliate Marketing.


Capture the lead!


Say what?


This is the part that many people fail to set up correctly or even set up in the first place.


Instead of just sending someone directly to the offer or the sales page you want to include something called a bridge page or a landing page.


This is where you can capture the persons email.


Why would we do that?


Because people rarely purchase on first interactions with anything, they like to take a look and come back or have a think before committing to buying.


If you just send them to the sales page and they don't buy there and then, guess what.


You have not only lost a potential affiliate commission but the opportunity to follow up with related items they could be interested in.


Trust me on this, you can make lots more money by emailing people additional products. 


Here is a very basic example of a bridge page.


Very Important Part Of Affiliate Marketing.

In the above example, someone is interested in a product or service and we send them to the bridge page first, here we capture their email and send them over to the product.


If they don't buy they then go into something called an autoresponer and this sends out emails on autopilot for us.


So the person would get a couple of “value emails” which could be highlighting the benefits about the product they were originally interested in and after a few of these we follow up with the original product.


This is so simple to set up and takes less than 20 minutes using an autoresponder.


The one I use and recommend is called Get Response.


Once set up, everything runs on autopilot for you.


Get Response is an all in one platform which connects with blogs and websites, Facebook, Etsy, payPal and many more platforms.


In the last 10 years I have tested nearly all the autoresponders on the market and this one is the best (in my opinion.)


You can check them out and get a free 30 day trial.


Resources For Affiliate Marketing:


The first resource I have for you is a 15-day challenge and this costs just $7 (About £5.50 in the UK)


This is something I went through myself and it is just brilliant.


When you are first trying to make money online with affiliate marketing it can be very overwhelming knowing where and how to start.


This is one reason why I love this challenge. It shows you everything you will ever need.


Plus it is at a price point that many of us can afford, and it gives you so much when it comes to starting your own online business.


This is what it looks like inside the course.



In total there are 15 videos and after you complete each one you are then given assignments. 


These are to help make sure you understand everything you have learnt in the video.


If you’ve been wanting to start an online business but you still haven’t taken that next step then I encourage you to invest in yourself by signing up to the challenge.


It really is eye-opening and very much worth the money. 




Resource Number 2.


Over the years I have bought LOTS of different affiliate marketing courses, products and eBooks.


One of the best things I bought was an eBook which surprisingly, was very cheap.


This book is drastically different from anything I had read before because there is no fluff!


It gets down to the core business straight away, it shows you exactly what to do, how to do it and why.


Plus, it is very easy to read and follow along with.


And at a little over 70 pages, you can read this in an afternoon.


>>> Check out the eBook


It costs less than $2 which is an absolute bargain.


This eBook not only walks you through everything needed to get started with affiliate marketing but also includes.


  • How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business Even With ZERO Experience.
  • The Secret Strategy Used To Quickly Start Earning From Day 1.
  • 100% Beginner Friendly, Anyone Can Make This Work.

The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing.


What I really like about this eBook is that it focuses on high ticket commissions.


Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing


Inside this eBook, you will get taken by the hand from start to finish and it includes all the following.


Affiliate Marketing - Insiders Guide


>>> Grab this awesome eBook Here


FREE Affiliate Training With The top 1% Platinum ClickBank Vendor & Affiliate.


Recently I was speaking with John Thornhill who is the number one affiliate and vendor on all the top affiliate networks including Clickbank, JVZoo and many more.


Currently, he offers a FREE training series which walks you through a very cool method to make money with affiliate marketing and he gives away other courses of his which you can use to make money online.


You can get access to this training by simply clicking the image below.



To conclude on how people are making an absolute fortune with affiliate marketing. 


Step 1- Decide on your niche.

Step 2 – Find products you can promote and share.

Step 3 – Create content around your product ie Blog, Instagram, Pinterest etc

Step 4 – Drive Traffic.

Step 5 – Capture the lead.


And that's enough for today's article.


I hope you found it useful?


If so, please let me know below in the comments section, I love reading these from readers.


If you have any questions or something didn't make sense feel free to also drop below and I will answer for you within 48 hours.



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Finally, be sure to check out my FREE member’s area.



Take Care & Keep Smiling



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