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(Updated 3/1/2020)


I think you will agree that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies seem to be getting more and more attention every day.


But the problem is getting involved.


Bitcoin is currently at $33,000 and it is showing no sign of stopping.


Not many people have this amount of money to invest.


So I am going to share with you several different ways on how to earn bitcoin for free and also a couple of other options.


let’s jump straight into this and how you can start collecting your bitcoin and altcoins today.



Earn bitcoin for free

How to Earn Bitcoin For Free.


The first site we are going to look at is called Coinbase.


This platform has been around for a number of years and is growing rapidly in popularity.


Currently, they are giving away over $100 of free cryptocurrency to every user. (Even existing customers)


Step 1 is to create a free account.


This is really simple to do and takes less than a minute.


How to Earn Bitcoin For Free.


Once you have created your account look on the left-hand side for where it says earn rewards.


In total, you can earn over $110 for watching very short 2 minute videos. 


Earn Free Bitcoin with Coinbase


After you have watched the video answer a question and earn free cryptocurrency. 


Then when you receive your free crypto (about 2 minutes) simply click convert to Bitcoin.


I watched a video about the cryptocurrency Maker and received this in my Coinbase account, I simply click convert.


Earning free Bitcoin


And then you just confirm the transaction and a few minutes later it will appear in your Bitcoin wallet.


Here are some recent conversions I have done on the platform.



I have just uploaded this video which walks you through this really simple process.



Grab your free Bitcoin and check out Coinbase here before this promotion finishes. 


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Next up we have Steemit.


How to Earn Bitcoin for Free


Steemit is a social network and content rewards platform.


You don't actually earn Bitcoin but you earn steem.


Then you can trade your steem for Bitcoin.


You earn Steem in a few ways:


Posting – By sharing your posts, you can earn upvotes from community members. Depending on the upvotes you receive, you will get a portion of the ongoing Steem reward pool.


Voting and curating – If you discover a post and upvote it before it becomes popular, you can earn a curation reward. The reward amount will depend on the amount of STEEM Power you have.


I have written a full post and created a course on Steemit which shows you how to start, earn and more.


In total, I have been paid over $400 on Steemit in 3 weeks and absolutely love it!


Click the image below to check out the course.



Or click the below image to see the full article.


Make Money Using Steemit - Today we look at what is Steemit and how you can get started on this new social platform.


You can check out Steemit here.


Free Bitcoin Earning Sites.


First, we have Crypto Tab.


Earn Free Bitcoin With Crypto Tab


What is Crypto Tab?


A Google Chrome extension, Link shortener, Mobile Miner and more all rolled into one.


Simply add the extension and then whenever you are on the internet you are helping the whole mining pool to mine BTC.


When I first heard about this I was very sceptical, especially about payouts.


However, after doing much research I was pleasantly surprised to see, that Crypto tab has completed thousands of payouts and that you can view them on the Blockchain.


Today we look at several sites that give you free bitcoins for visiting websites, doing surveys and a few other options to get free Bitcoin.

How do you get started and earn free Bitcoin with Crypto Tab?


First, add the browser.

How To Earn FREE Bitcoin


Next thing you want to do is log in, this is on the bottom right-hand side of the page, see below image…………….



You can log in with any of your social profiles.


Then, you will see this screen………….


And that's it, you are good to go and start earning FREE Bitcoin now.


This is just one of the ways you can earn with Crypto tab, there are many more such as the new feature they have just added which is called CB.Click.


This is a link shortener and you can earn Bitcoin by finding articles and videos and then share them online.


Earn Free Bitcoin FAST


You can check out Crypto Tab here


I have done an update on Crypto Tab showing my results which you can see —–> HERE. (This was last year)

Earn Free Bitcoin From Bounties.


The website Is called Bounty Ox and there are lots of companies on here giving away free crypto.


How to Earn Bitcoin for Free



You can start earning in a number of ways including…..


  • Following a company on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Joining their Telegram group.
  • Writing a blog post.
  • Recording a video & Many More.


Below is a video I shared after I earned over $80 for free.



Check Out Bounty Ox And Use The Code Below To Get Some Extra Freebies —-> Visit Bounty Ox


(Code For Freebies – 3d86b7)


Earn Bitcoin Watching Videos.


How to get Bitcoins Fast


You can earn bitcoin in many ways including:

  • Watching Videos
  • Playing Games
  • Downloading Apps
  • Completing tasks
  • Shopping online


There is also an offers wall where you can see some of the best offers available for the day.


You earn points for tasks which you can then exchange for Bitcoin.


The below image shows some of the different ways you can earn points.


Today we look at several sites that give you free bitcoins for visiting websites, doing surveys and a few other options to get free Bitcoin.

How to Earn Bitcoin for Free


They have been around since 2015 and are very active on Facebook, Twitter and also Reddit.


I have found this a really easy way to earn bitcoin from watching videos, downloading a few apps and also taking the occasional survey.


You can check out Earnably here 



Earn Bitcoin For Sharing Videos.


How to Earn Bitcoin for Free


DTube is a decentralized streaming video platform linked to Steemit.


It allows users to upload videos easily and make money (or cryptocurrency) via the upvotes or likes on their video.


It is similar to youtube in its layout and categories.


What I do like is that you can see how much each video has earned.


How to Earn Bitcoin for Free

How to Earn Bitcoin for Free


Earn Bitcoin From Shopping App – Coin Rebates


How to Earn Bitcoin for Free


CoinRebates brings a new way of earning bitcoin with “cash-back” shopping.


Exactly the same as all the cashback sites out there but you get back Bitcoin.


To join is really simple and free.

1 – Register your bitcoin address.
2 – Browse the stores you want to shop from. Each store offers a different reward.
3 – Click through to the store.
4 – Purchase as you normally would–pay with credit card, PayPal, or any method accepted by the store.
5 – You earn the rewards


There are literally thousands of different retailers and it will take you 30 seconds to click on coin rebates instead of going direct to the site.


I am a big fan of cashback sites as its literally free money or in this case free bitcoin.


If you are going to buy something you should always check to see if there is cashback or now bitcoin available.


Below are just some of the different retailers on the site.


How to Earn Bitcoin for Free


You can check out CoinRebates by clicking here.


Earn Bitcoin Playing Games With EarnGG


How to Earn Bitcoin for Free


Very similar to earnably which we looked at earlier in this post.


Complete tasks such as watching videos, downloading apps etc.


You get points which you can use to get Bitcoin.


I have written a follow up to this article showing how I earned over $80 worth of Bitcoin for FREE.


You can check it out —–> HERE.


Now moving on – How To Earn Bitcoin For Free With Investments.


Invest in coins which offer rewards.


QSP – QuantStamp


This is one of the best Alt coins available on the market in my opinion.


Quantstamp’s mission is to secure smart contracts so that blockchain technology can achieve its full potential.


The company is developing a protocol that audits smart contracts using formal verification in order to find bugs before contracts are published to the blockchain.


Today we look at several sites that give you free bitcoins for visiting websites, doing surveys and a few other options to get free Bitcoin.


Moving forward I believe a lot of ICOs will look to have the Quantstamp seal of approval.


They reward you for holding the coin and caring about the companies vision and goal.

How to Earn Bitcoin for Free

You are rewarded with free cryptocurrency from companies they audit throughout the year.


Currently, they are aiming to audit at least 50 projects in 2018.


So just by holding these coins, you will receive coins from all of the ICOs they audit.


Just make sure that they are in a wallet and not on an exchange.


Also, remember to register for proof of caring.


Some other coins which reward you for hold holding are:

  • Kucoin shares
  • Minexcoin
  • Neo
  • Reddcoin



I hope you enjoyed this article – How to Earn Bitcoin For Free.


If you know of any companies that are legitimate and are a good way to earn Bitcoin then please leave a comment below and I will check them out.


If you are interested in all things crypto-related then click the image below or here to check out our Crypto page which covers ICOs, Bitcoin, Mining and more.


I hope you found this useful and as always if you have any questions please leave a comment below.


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Today we look at several sites that give you free bitcoins for visiting websites, doing surveys and a few other options to get free Bitcoin.