Welcome to this article – Passive Income: How I Make $15,000 A Month.

This sounds a ridiculous amount of money to earn in a month doesn't it.

If we take this number and convert that to pounds (I am from the UK) that equals just over £12,000 a month.

Earning over £12,000 in a single month will seem unbelievable for many of you reading this or unrealistic?

Please know this.

I haven't shared this article to brag or gloat.

My goal is to not only share my journey with you the reader but also to give you some inspiration.

Many people wouldn't believe earning this amount of money per month is achievable.

However, it is very real, and in this article not only will I share exactly how I achieved this but also break down everything for you.

Passive Income How I Make $15,000 Per Month – 5 Ways

When it comes to passive income let me make this very clear.

It Takes Work.

Many people try to create a passive income and fail because they do not put in the work at the beginning.

The key to creating multiple passive income streams is to focus on one and get that making money before moving onto the next.

Passive income is 100% achievable when you work hard on your goals.

The video below shares everything for you.

I hope you found that useful or gave you some ideas?

Please let me know down in the comments section below.

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