How To Make Money Using SwagBucks

How To Make Money Using SwagBucks


Making money with SwagBucks is easy and simple. I have been a member for a while now and once you get into a routine the SwagBucks add up.

You can earn bucks in many different ways and these include:

  • Taking Surveys
  • Playing Games
  • Surfing The Internet
  • Shopping
  • Watching Adds



How To Make Money Using SwagBucks


Make Money Using SwagBucks

How To Make Money Using SwagBucks

You can sign up for a FREE Swagbucks account here 

Getting Started

Once you have signed up i would recommend you get into a routine, i know it sounds boring but it is really easy to start using SwagBucks each day.

You can watch a few videos in a morning, complete a survey over your lunch break, and play some games later in the day, plus i will share our best tips for earning bucks with you here.

Use The Search Bar

This really is the easiest way to start earning with SwagBucks, instead of using the normal search engines like Google, Bing, Fire Fox etc use SwagBucks and earn yourself some bucks. Just log into your account and use the search bar at the top, see below picture.

Make Money Using SwagBucks


I just earned by searching for my own blog! It really is that simple to start earning bucks.

Get The Swag Button 

This is one of my favourite things you can get with the site, you add the swag button (You get bucks for this too) and then SwagBucks automatically notifies you if the website you are visiting offers cash back for shopping, so you earn bucks and also get cash back from your shopping! Brilliant isn’t it.

Make Money Using SwagBucks


Some other great features about getting the swag button include

  1. Coupons and deals – If the website you are on has any relevant coupons, find them instantly with the SwagButton.
  2. Get Alerts – Get real-time alerts about new earning opportunities as they come up including surveys.
  3. Searching The Web – The more you search with the SwagButton the more SB you can earn.
  4. Swag Code – Get Swag code alerts and redeem them from anywhere on the web. There are also exclusive Swag Codes which they also share on their facebook page.

Completing Surveys 

This is one of the quickest ways to earn bucks, first, you need to fill in your information. 

Be honest – You will be asked personal questions sometimes when completing registration to survey sites.

I 100% recommend you to be totally honest. Companies are looking for people who are a right fit for their surveys, so by not being honest and giving false information, you could miss out on surveys.

Once you have filled in your information you can then start applying for surveys, each one shows how long it will take to complete and how much you will earn for completing a survey.

Make Money Using SwagBucks

Shopping Online

If you shop online then you might as well earn SwagBucks for that also. Once you have installed the Swag button which i mentioned above, whenever you are online and looking to purchase something  SwagBucks will alert you if the site you are on offers SwagBucks.

There is thousands of companies on the site including Lego, The Body Shop, Argos, Asda, Expedia, Thomas Cook, B&Q and lots more.

Keep an eye out for companies offering promotional offers as sometimes they double the rewards on offer. This is another great way to collect SwagBucks as your getting them for doing what you normally do anyway.

Make Money Using SwagBucks


Watch Videos

Yes, thats right, you earn for watching videos each day, just remember there is a limit of 150 SwagBucks each day for watching videos.

There is a HUGE variety of genres to choose from including Hobbies, Fitness, Food, Parenting, Entertainment, Home & Garden and Fashion.

Each video shows you how many SwagBucks you will earn and how long they last for, normally it’s about a minute.

Make Money Using SwagBucks


Daily Target

It really does pay to log into SwagBucks every day,  you get a daily target of SwagBucks to reach, and then you are rewarded with bonus points for reaching it.

If you achieve the targets each day then you get an extra bonus and all these bonus points are rewarded to you at the end of the month (Tip – Just remember you claim these, or you will lose them).

Daily Poll

This is the quickest SwagBuck you will earn in less than 10 seconds, vote in the daily poll and earn a SwagBuck. It really is that simple.

Share With Your Friends 

Share Swagbucks with your friends, family, colleagues and anyone you think would like it.

Referrals are a great way to make lots of SwagBucks. You can share a link on your social media accounts like Facebook, email your friends or put a banner on your blog, once someone signs up for Swagbucks through your link, you earn 10% of the SBs your friend earns — for life.

And that’s everything we do to continually make money using SwagBucks each month, by using all of the above examples we normally earn around £30 – £35 ($38 – $45) in Amazon vouchers, now that may not sound like much.

BUT remember I am just logging into SwagBucks before I start searching online or purchase something I normally would on eBay. Once you get into a routine it really is a good and easy way to earn some extra cash.

I then save up the cash and use them to treat the family for a day out or go away for a weekend somewhere.

And that’s everything you need to know to make money using SwagBucks.

You can also see the top 4 FREE survey sites to join here 

Take Care & Keep Smiling


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How To Make Money Using Swagbucks
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How To Make Money Using Swagbucks
Making money with SwagBucks is easy and simple. I have been a member for a while now and once you get into a routine the SwagBucks add up.
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