Welcome to our latest interview in the series -Earn Extra Money From Home – Part 3.

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Earn Extra Money From Home - Interview Series. Today we interviewed Jane who shared some great tips to earn extra money working from home.

Today we get to meet Emma, a social media evaluator, blogger, and part-time programme leader, take it away Emma.

1. Please can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Emma, the one-woman team that created beemoneysavvy.com. I’m a 20-something, recent graduate from Sheffield, and I’m in the process of saving up for a deposit on my first home.

Alongside running my blog I’m also a part-time Campaigns Programme Leader and Freelance Social Media Evaluator.


2. What is your favourite way to make money online? (Or offline?)

Amongst all the different jobs and side-hustles that I do, my favourite way to make money online is absolutely through my blog. For me, the money I make through blogging is the most satisfying as I created my blog alone so it feels like more of an individual win!


3. How did you come up with the idea for your side income and when did it start?

I’ve always been pretty good with my money & have always had people coming to me for advice on their finances.

After graduating (in 2017) I got a part-time job and wanted something to fill the hours outside of that job so I decided to write all my money saving (and making) tips online – making it possible for me to direct any queries to a website that answered all their money-related questions!

4. What were your initial goals?

Initially, it wasn’t my plan to make any money from blogging, I just wanted a creative outlet where I could share all my personal finance tips and help people to live without money worries!

So my initial goals were just to get it up and running and to keep adding content.


5. Have these changed over time?

After a few months, my blog started to build momentum and it made me wonder if it could begin to add to my part-time income. While I still want to help people with my blog, I would love for it to start generating significant income, that way I can invest more in reaching (and helping) a wider audience.

6. The most challenging thing you have faced in running your own business to date?

Tax. I have always been in employment so I’ve always had my tax sorted for me. Since starting my blog I’ve had to spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of income tax, tax refunds and all the record keeping that comes with that! Learning about tax hasn’t been the most fun use of my time!

7. Tell us about your blog and what content you share with your readers.

Beemoneysavvy.com was created to help people improve their personal finances. You can expect content on where to find freebies, how to increase your income, clearing debt, and finding financial freedom.

8. Do you use social media to promote your blog and or side hustle? If yes, which platform(s)? Has it had an impact?

I have a blog-focused Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram, but I find that Instagram works for me more so than any of the other social media platforms… I feel like I found my ‘community’ on Instagram.

9. What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

I am currently writing this from the comfort of my sofa, under a quilt with a cup of tea and biscuits beside me – the comfort of working when, where and how I want is what I enjoy most about running my own business (and working from home).

10. Finally, where can readers find you?

Blog: beemoneysavvy.com

Twitter: twitter.com/beemoneysavvy

Instagram: Instagram.com/beemoneysavvy

Facebook: Facebook.com/beemoneysavvy

And that concludes another interview in this series, I hope you found it useful?

Thanks to Emma for taking part.

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