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Welcome readers to another in the series.


I have someone very special for you in this interview.


Today we meet a young female entrepreneur who runs a consultancy business, a music company and is currently setting up a third business.


Her name is Jocelyn Kopac and she has some fantastic tips and insights for you.


So if you are interested in how to start a consulting business or your own company then go grab yourself a cup of tea, find a quiet corner and enjoy this great interview.


Starting a Consulting business with no experience.


How To Start a Consulting business

How to start a consultancy business – Interview series from Not Taught At School.


Jocelyn, please can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself – what you do/enjoy / where you live / family etc.


My career began when I stumbled upon my passion, entrepreneurship, at the age of 7.


Starting an organic farm-fresh, egg business, as a child, brought me into the ‘Trep' (short for an entrepreneur) world and I just knew I could not leave!


Since then, I have immersed myself in social networking, identifying business growth goals and implementing strategies necessary to achieve them.


I pride myself on being a Renaissance woman with the ability to succeed in any scope of work.


From social media and content creation to personal and company branding to organizational management.


Now I spend my days working with and on multiple, entrepreneurial and small businesses.


How to start a consulting business


Blending my love of learning with growing my career and working with fellow colleagues.


To help them brand their companies- narrating who they are, what they do and why they do it.

How did you come up with the idea for your company and when did it start?


I am what you would call a serial entrepreneur. I'm currently in the process of starting my third business.


I started my live classical and jazz music company, Candid Brilliance Music in 2014.



How to start a consulting business


After figuring out how much it costs to market myself as a musician and realizing that if I split the cost with other musicians, of the same calibre, it would make the ‘starving-artist’ lifestyle a little less ‘starving’!


I went on to use the knowledge and experience I was gaining through my education, work experience and business ownership to begin consulting on other startups and small businesses in 2015, the beginnings of Jocelyn J. Kopac Consulting.


How To Start a Consulting business 3


Now I have marketing and personal branding clients worldwide!


Lastly, within in the last 2 months, I have been focusing on founding a Young Professionals Network for the tri-county area.


This comes out of my passion for personal branding and the need for my local communities to highlight and retain their young talent.


What were your initial goals? Have these changed over time?


About a day ago I was working with a young entrepreneur that is trying to get his business off the ground, and he wanted to pick my brain on the business model of Candid Brilliance Music.


After the meeting, I reflected on how far my businesses have come in a matter of years.


I save everything so I can always go back, and if I go back to the information I was working with when I first started it definitely shows that going through improvement iterations are a necessity for growth.


My initial goal with CBM was to have other people pay for my advertising and pay for themselves to be part of CBM, now CBM is in 6 states and we have 20 fantastic musicians!


And as an offshoot, I have JK Consulting, which started as 1 start-up asking for help and evolved into a full-blown content creation company.


How To Start a Consulting business 6

From your services which is the most popular and why do you think that is?


JK Consulting I find that often small business owners need affordable website services and social media content media management.


CBM does a lot of weddings.


The most challenging thing you have faced in running your own business?


The most challenging thing about running a business is having the drive to succeed.


Sometimes stuff happens where you just think ‘I should be done’, this is more effort than it’s worth, and you go through a very unmotivated spell.


But then you find someone inspirational or have a great collab session and you fix your mindset and are back on track.

How To Start a Consulting business 6

Do you use social media to promote your services? If yes, which platform(s)? Has it had an impact?


Yes to Social Media!


I think the biggest thing when setting up your social media marketing presence is picking the right platforms for you and your company.


How To Start a Consulting business 5


So for CBM even though we started out with all the platforms we could find, we have severely scaled back and focused strictly on Facebook (for our wedding clients) and LinkedIn (for our professional/business clientele).


As for JK Consulting, I am on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Pinterest because I put out content on personal branding and being a young professional leader and I want that information in front of as many eyes as possible.

Do you have any tips or techniques for people wanting to start their own consulting company?


Take a deep cleansing breath, owning your business is super hard and you should be honest with yourself on whether you are ready for that or not.


After you have fully decided you are ready to make sure you have a clear idea of what you are providing, who you are providing it for and then create a plan (that you can stick to) for marketing your services/product.


Lastly, find a mentor, it is so much easier when you have a business mind that has been there done it to bounce ideas off, than trying to go it alone and realizing too late you made a really costly mistake.


Last question – What do you enjoy most about running your own business?


Honestly, I am a teacher at heart, with a passion for entrepreneurship.


I love when my clients get up and running and can do their own thing.


I also really love the flexibility and creative need that being an entrepreneur takes, you never have a dull day, and your brain is always engaged.


And that concludes another in the interview series – How to start a consulting business.


If you want to speak to Jocelyn about any of her services or how she can help you build your brand then details are below.



Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: /jocelynjkopac

Facebook: /jocelynjkopac

Twitter: @jocelynkopac

Instagram: @jocelynjkopac

Pinterest: @jocelynjkopac


I think you will agree Jocelyn gave us some very helpful insights in this interview.


Running your own business is difficult and you do need to put in a lot of effort and time, however, the great thing from these interviews is that they share with you the benefits of running your own business and the flexibility they can offer.


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