I first came across this method of earning online a few years ago and from the outset, it sounds absolutely awesome. Mainly for the passive income potential. 


Create something once (Which takes about 20 minutes using free online tools) and then you can earn money over and over and over again. 


And all of this can be done without any design skills, experience, knowledge, money or spending lots of time. 


Now, you may be wondering or have a few questions like…..


  • What is a printable?
  • How can you create a printable?
  • How much money can you earn selling printables?
  • How do I start selling printables? 
  • Are printables profitable?
  • What printables sell best?
  • Why do people even buy printables?


And that's where today's interview will help you.


How To Sell Printables Online And Make a FULL TIME Income


I've managed to grab 30 minutes with Ike who has been selling printables online for nearly 10 years now and he had zero knowledge or experience about printables when he first started, in fact, he kind of fell into selling printables online.  


Before we jump into the interview, let me share some real-life examples with you of people making a truly passive income online from selling simple printables online. 


How To Sell Printables On Etsy.


Take a look at the below image I just grabbed from Etsy. 


Sell Printables Online And Make a FULL TIME Income


That printable has made the seller over £3,242 (and for our US viewers $4,472)


And that's just one of their printables, they have over 600 available. 


Do you think you could create something similar? 


You bet you could!


Let me share another actual example with you. 


Example Of a Printable


The above image is of a baby shower printable game. 


That one printable alone has earned over £3,182 ($4,389)


And the seller has another 1,350 other printables for sale. 


Can you imagine the passive income they are making from these simple printables?


What Is a Printable?


Basically, it's anything that can be printed. Once printed, this can be used in all sorts of ways.


Think of any printed material, something like the below.


Examples Of Printables.


  • Journal.
  • Calendar.
  • Food Planner.
  • Home Work Sheets.
  • Games.
  • Labels.
  • Stickers.
  • Colouring Pages.
  • Resumes
  • Banners.
  • Wall Art.
  • Wedding Invites.
  • Budgeting Planners. 
  • Weight Loss Tracker.


There is no end to the amount or types of things that will work for this list because it can go on forever with new ideas popping up.

How To Sell Printables Online.


Ok, that's enough from me, let me hand it over to the expert in this subject, take it away Ike.


Please, can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself and how you ended up selling printables online?


I'm Ike Paz, I'm originally from Miami Florida US, but I currently live on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu.


After I graduated from university, I used all the money I saved from my meat factory job and backpacked to several different countries (Europe, Asia, Central & South America). One of the countries I fell in love with was Japan. Without a real plan, I moved to Tokyo and found a job teaching English to Japanese business men and women.


I taught English for about 12 years while working on my online business.


Currently, I earn a full-time income online, I've been independent for about 8 years now. My hobbies include relaxing and traveling with my family, BJJ, cooking, watching Netflix and drinking with friends.


What is your favourite way to make money online? (Or offline?)


My favorite way to make money online is with Print On Demand products, specifically printables, I still earn online passively from printables I created years ago.


How did you come up with the idea for your side income and when did it start?


It's a funny story, so about a decade ago I was a young English teacher, and Google was relatively young too. After going through some courses I learned to rank high on Google in small, less competitive, niches.


One niche I was getting a flood of traffic in was the Baby Shower niche, I was using Adsense to get a tidy income but I knew I was leaving a lot of money on the table.


I looked into drop-shipping and I started selling ‘Diaper Cakes' (google it, lol), anyways, I found this lady in Kentucky USA to create and ship these diaper cakes for me. I made my money off the top margin.


It was very profitable BUT, sometimes products wouldn't arrive on time, or the products wouldn't get there are all! On top of that, I had to EAT the customer complaints if my drop-shipper made mistakes.


It was stressful, and opening my email inbox each morning was an anxiety-inducing experience.


Anyways, as a test, I decided to hire a designer on Fiverr to create a baby shower game to bundle with my diaper cakes. That improved conversions even more! So I then decided to try to sell the game on its own, and that sold too!


I had my Fiverr designer create more games based on different baby shower themes I found on Google, and they too were ALL selling!


FINALLY, I was getting a nice passive income, no stress from angry customers and no need to deal with product vendors or drop shippers.


BUT THEN IT HAPPENED, THE GREAT GOOGLE PENGUIN PURGE OF 2012! My baby shower site got only a fraction of the traffic that it used to get. Luckily, I was already experimenting with a new search engine that was creeping up on my Google traffic, and that was Pinterest.


Pinterest was easy enough to figure out, and it still brings in the bulk of my printable buyer-traffic for free.


What were your initial goals?


My initial goal was to earn my job's monthly wage completely online, at the time, my goal was $3k/month.


Have these changed over time?


Yes, I haven't worked for anyone in the past 8 years. My goals have been more family-focused (I was single when I started my online biz),


I got us a home and we spend a lot of time together. As for my online income streams, I have diversified my income streams into Amazon KDP, affiliate marketing, Stock Index (S&P 500 and Nikkei Index) and software creation.


The most challenging thing you have faced in running your own business to date?


Not being too complacent, I could have gone independent 7 years into my English teaching job, but I was afraid of losing my comfortable job and my monthly paycheck.


The best month with your business? Or day/week.


I've done nearly $70k on my first product launch within 6 days, but that came and went, my real successes still pay me up to now. Again, this is not a race, life is a marathon.


Do you use social media to promote your side hustle? If yes, which platform(s)? Has it had an impact?


Depending on the business model, the only social media I use for traffic is Facebook. Some might say Pinterest is social media, but it's not social media, it's an image search engine.


What do you enjoy most about running your own business?


I don't have to shave, I wear sandals when its warm out, I travel when I want (as much as the pandemic allows). The time it gives me to spend with my family. If I want a can sit on my couch and binge on a TV series if I want. I love that power!


Funny thing though, for some weird reason I seem to wake up naturally really early these days, 5:30 am – 6 am.


Tell us about your new course.


Sell Printables Online



The course is called Crispy Prints and it includes step-by-step video training along with custom made software, this is something I personally use in my own printable business, and it has everything I do currently.


It will always contain what I do currently.


(Crispy Prints is a unique product with easy to follow video training, case study, keyword tool and it comes with multiple software printable generators. These include game sets, banners, dice, stickers and more. I have done a full review on Crispy Prints and walk you through everything included and just how simple it is to use, you can create printables using this software in less than a minute)


Read the full review here – Crispy Prints Software Review.


Finally, where can readers find you?


The best place to find me is on my YouTube channel, make sure to subscribe and say hi in the comments section.



Conclusion To Making Money Online Selling Printables.


This method to make money online and work from the comfort of your own home is just awesome, and once you have a printable created you simply list it for sale and move on to the next one. Every printable you list on Etsy has the potential to bring you in a passive income for many months and even years down the line. 


This is why I have started this method myself and after looking at the numbers it's very exciting. 


What do you think about this method of earning online? Let me know in the comments below. 


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FAQ About Selling Printables Online.


Where can I sell Printables online?


There are many places available and Etsy is one of the best places to start, Other online options for those who want more control over their business include Fiverr or Creative Market. You can even sell them on your own website, Amazon and lots more places. 


How much money can you make selling Printables?


In short lots! But like any method of earning online it all comes down to time and effort, there are people earning thousands and people earning hundreds, from my research it looks like a numbers game, the more you have listed the more potential you have to earn a passive income. 


Can you really make money selling Printables?


It's never been easier to start your own printable business! You can use free software like Canva or use paid software like Crispy Prints. Whichever option you go with will not take that long to create and as we heard from Ike its very simple to start making money selling printables. 


Where is the best place to sell Printables?


Etsy is one of the best sites for selling them. It's no secret that Etsy has become one of the best places to sell anything and everything. You can find buyers for your printables without too much trouble on this site!

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