Can You Get Paid To Make Memes?


That was the question on my mind when I first heard about this new trend on social media, specifically Instagram and Steemit. 


Then, I found out that it's not just a trend and many people are earning some simple money each month from this side hustle. 


There are people who actually do get paid for making memes and they're doing it right now! I found this article online which shares about a young man who was earning over $4,000 a month with memes. 


It seems bizarre that you can get paid to make memes but I have found a site that does just that.


What Are Memes?


A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that becomes a fad and spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme.


Memes are very popular today and are an internet culture that started and spread very quickly.


They are a quick way for companies to get new followers or subscribers that can relate to a topic in a humorous way.


You will find memes for any topic online.


Memes come in many formats, from a simple picture with text to video memes and also gifs.


One of the most known memes is the grumpy cat.


Make money creating memes! In this article I share how you can get paid to make memes.


Grumpy indeed!


Making Memes For Money.


I have found a site called that actually pays you to make memes.


They are looking for people to create memes for them every single day.


The website is all based around humour and funny things.


Not only are they looking for meme creators but also writers, image creators, photoplasty and more.


Here is an image from the website.


Make money creating memes! In this article I share how you can get paid to make memes.

Make money creating memes! In this article I share how you can get paid to make memes.


They also have a huge forum which is packed with helpful information about getting started on the website.


Every week they run 2 competitions for meme creators and the winner is paid $100 and 9 runners-up each receive $25 dollars.


$100 for creating a meme!!


You can find all the information about entering and guidelines here.


What I like about the forum is you can also see all the previous weekly competitions and also the top 10 memes.


Also, there are many online software's which allow you to create memes for free.


Here are just a few for you.



Using these free software's you do not need to be a technical whizz or anything.


You simply select a category, choose a picture and add some text.


Creating a meme really isn't that difficult. 


So, if you want to start making money online with memes then I have recorded a short video below which shows you how to get started, the free software to use and more.


Did all that make sense for you? 


As you saw in the video, the whole process to make memes for money is pretty simple. 


Also using cracked is just one way to make money with memes.


More Ways To Make Money With Memes.


Get Paid To Make Memes


Open a meme store on Etsy.


Upload your designs using sites like Gear bubble and connect them to Etsy.


Then you can have hundreds of memes in your shop earning you a passive income. 


Currently, there are a few stores on Etsy using this exact method.


And they are making some serious money!


Check out this shop: Wall To Wall Memes.


Make Money With Memes And This FREE Software

In a little over two years, they have over 5,400 sales and its from meme merchandise. 


Make Money From Memes With Picture Punches.


There is a website called Picture Punches which will pay when people view the memes you upload onto the platform. 


Picture Punches place advertisements underneath every meme on the website.


To pay the contributors to the site, they will pay you a percentage of the ad revenue based on how many views your memes generate.


How much can you make? 


Over on Reddit, one user shares how he made over $500 by sharing memes on Picture Punches.


How he made over $500 sharing memes online.


You can read the full thread here.


These are just two examples of how you can make money creating memes, there are many more.


You could create an Instagram page and share content on there and link to affiliate programmes. 


Create a blog and drive traffic to your memes and earn from paid ads.


So can you really make money from memes?


Whilst it is very unlikely that you will make a full-time income from memes, as you have seen in this article and the video,  it is possible to earn some side income creating memes. 


In most cases, this income can be passive. 


Plus, you do not need to be that creative if you use some of the free meme software's.


Overall if you like memes and are a bit creative then this could be a nice little side income for you.



Final Thoughts On Using Memes To Earn Online?


This is a very simple and easy way to earn some extra money from home.


The only problem is that the process to become an internet meme maker can be hard work. You need to study trends and know what makes people laugh so that you can create something relatable.


Overall It takes time, but if you want to give it a try then follow the steps we have looked at in this article and the video above.


If you like this method to make money be sure to check out some of the other articles I have linked below for you, you can use this and something else to make more money!


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Below are a few screenshots from the member’s area and what is inside waiting for you.


Grab these free resources to start making money online today.Grab these free resources to start making money online today.How to make money online - Grab these free resources to start making money online today.



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Finally, If you want more ways to earn money online be sure to join my FREE member’s area.


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